Character Bios

Hello soon to be friends!  I’m Mimi of the Mimi & Iso duo. Welcome!


I am a 30 something with a slight obsession with everything concerning crafts.  Craft is defined as an occupation, trade or pursuit requiring manual dexterity or the application of artistic skill.  This limits nothing.  So I have started a lot of things, but not really finished much.  I’ve decided to start blogging to help motivate me finish some of the million things I’ve started and hopefully spark inspiration in others along the way.

Who am I dragging with me on this adventure?  My husband Iso, two littles, and two dogs.

family 2014

Lets not forget whoever is within a 5ft radius when I get in one of my moods (advance sorry to my extended family and friends).

Iso and I have been together since 2006.  We met in college through one of his roommates (thanks again Craig!).

Vegas 2006

We are that annoying couple that pretty much does everything together.  I decided to name the blog Mimi and Iso, because it’s always a combined effort with us.  I might be the one posting things, but he really does help with a lot of the background stuff.  You never know he might contribute a post or two.

My littles are awesome.  Nini is 10 and Parker is 4.  We are learning so much about ourselves and the world around us because of them.  They bring a lot of new challenges, but that will always outweighed by the love they give.

Littles 2014

Our two dogs Ming and Tora are great.  They are always excited to see you,love to cuddle and give support even when you don’t want it.  I can’t imagine our home without them.



Ming Ming

Ming Ming

I think that’s all of us.  I hope you’ll stick around and read some posts.  Let me inspire you and in turn comment and inspire me.

Look forward to connecting with all of you.



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