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My Knitting Learning Curve: what NOT to do

As I was searching for some post bling I crossed this little gem.

This a wardrobe need. I have a zombie apocalypse thing, which you will all learn about soon enough. I get easily distracted.

Back to the original post.

Sometime between Black Friday and Christmas I decided to pick up knitting. This may have been due to the great sale Joann’s was having at the time or that my sister-in-law Squishy already does crochet so I wanted to try something new.  Background info:  Squishy tried to teach me crochet. I sucked, despite her best efforts.  So I picked up a knitting book, some yarn, a set of needles, and a rolling storage tote.  So the stage was set.

Fast forward to January. I decide to start on my project. I choose a pattern, pull out some yarn and that’s where all my problems began.  Here’s what I did and you should NOT do in list form.

Picking Yarn Based on Color

It’s wrong to pick yarn based on color.  You need to pick yarn is based on the pattern and reading the specifications… is kind of an art.  A great resource was this infograph

Stare at Diagrams Until Your Crossed Eyed

It starts out more like a confusion.

Then,  I decide maybe if I stare long enough it might become clear like one of those magic puzzles.

Please say you guys remember Mallrats

In the end when I have tried my hardest I look like this.

I’m so glad YouTube is a thing.  New Stitch a Day has great tutorials.

Buy Embroidery Needles When You Need Yarn Needles

So there is a difference between needles.


Notice the differences


Even with all those problems I was able to  produce this.

My little monster

My little monster

Let’s not forget where we began

Try 1:  I got so mad I just cut the strings.

Try 1: I got so mad I just cut the strings.

Try 2:  I noticed all the mistakes, but kept going anyway.

Try 2: I noticed all the mistakes, but kept going anyway.

But look at what I have to compare myself to.

Here's another it was too cute not to post

A Squishy Masterpiece

I’m sure I’ll learn mores stuff on the way that I can share, that’s it for now.  PLEASE share any tips or resources. I’ve love to learn from someone else’s mistakes.  For your parting gif…TeeHee I’m so punny.

I need to watch this show.

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Mimi & Iso’s 2015 Manifesto

manifesto defn

I’ve been inspired to write a manifesto for 2015 by Be Leaderly.  I hope by declaring my intentions to the universe that this will focus me.  So here it goes:

Where I am:

I believe in improvement.

I’ve really come to understand in 2014 that you need to keep improving.  There is never a time where you’ve done your best and that’s enough for the rest of your life.  You can’t rest on your laurels. It’s a horrible idea.  Just because you reached a goal, doesn’t mean your done.  I learned this the hard way.  I made this face when I figured that one out.

Future me is so smart.

I want to live in a world where memories are more important than things.

Don’t get me wrong I love stuff as much as the next person.  It’s convenient and fun, but it’s not going to make me happy in the long run.  My family is fairly young.  Nini just turned 10 and Parker is 4.

My Littles

My Littles

I don’t want them to think that owning a lot of things will make them happy.  I want them to enjoy the experiences in life.  I’m hoping to enforce this by doing at least a monthly activity with them, that has nothing to do with a TV, computer, or tablet.

What I know for sure is no one knows what they are doing…they are just winging it.

The big epiphany for me this year.  My parents had no clue what they were doing when I was younger.  My husband and I were disciplining our children one day and we really had no clue what to do.  Obviously we had to do something, but what was the right course of action…

Hell if we know.

So its good to keep in mind that everyone is in the same boat.  We are all just winging it.  So next time you’re in a situation remember this, maybe you’ll be a little more forgiving.

Where I want to be:

I’ve chosen three major goals to focus on this year.

  1. Improving our finances
  2. Understanding were my health is
  3. Finish projects

To reach help with Goal 1, my husband and I started using a new budgeting program called You Need A Budget.  So far it’s been great.  We’ve only been using it for about a week, but already I can see improvements.  The program is very user friendly and interactive.  We’ve always had a budget, but it was something that was updated every pay period. This program also has an app so that you can update as you go.  That way I know what Andrew is spending and vice versa, so we don’t use money that is already accounted for.

For Goal 2, I got a Fitbit Flex.  It’s a device that you wear on your wrist that tracks: steps, sleep,  and calories burned.  It also has an app that you can record calories consumed and will link to other calorie tracking programs you might already be using.  I know I’m not the healthiest I can be right now.  So my current approach is to be in the exploration stage.  I’m collecting data on where I stand and researching things that will give me lasting results.  I want to find things that I won’t mind doing and might love.  I have had several friend lead healthier lifestyles, because they found their “thing”.  I’m going to try a lot of new things to find my “thing” this year.

Goal 3 will be the hardest.  Not because I can’t finish projects, but because I always have so many ongoing ones.  To achieve this goal I am going to focus on one project at a time.  I will also not start new projects without finishing old ones.

So here’s what I’ll be doing this year.  Hopefully I have inspired you to maybe write your own manifesto.  If you have any tips on helping me reach my goals please leave a comment.  I need all the help I can get.

Thanks in advance,